How To Select Right Interior Design for Your Home?

Every home is different, the way it is styled is a reflection of the people living there and the same goes for home decor in India. The western interior designing style and home decoration style in India are very different. Even if you live in an apartment with the same architectural design on every floor, I can guarantee that every flat will have different vibe in terms of style and home decor, so it’s natural to we see this variation in people of different countries, cities, or towns.


This is actually a good thing, as it is what makes home decor in India so unique. The home decoration style depends on various factors like the number of people living there, and their age, taste, and style. You might have an effortless or edgy interior in your house if you are living alone, which is poles apart from your room back home because your mom is in charge there.

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Some space-centric ideas for styling home Decor in India

Living Room Decor

Style is all about the first impression. Your living room is the first room that anyone sees when they enter your house, so make sure to capture their eyes with plush decor items like comfortable recliners/ sofas, end tables, wall art, indoor fountains etc. Let the room speak volumes for your home decor style. Add a chandelier in the center, or hang lanterns around the ceiling corners if you are going for luxurious classic vibe. You can also add plants and wooden candle stands in the room for a dramatic yet modern theme.

Kitchen Decor

Your kitchen decor should not only be aesthetic but also be usable. Browse through Casa Decor’s lavish homeware collection to set-up a kitchen of your dreams. You can choose products including utensil holders, dinner table sets, kitchen baskets, table trolleys, enamel trays, coasters and so on.

Bedroom Decor

Bedroom decoration should be all about comfort, which makes it a tedious task as it can directly affect your sleeping and dressing routine. Casa Decor has a wide range of home decor accessories and hardware that will help you style your bedroom based on your personality. Add a bedside table, with bookends if you like reading before bed, or add a study table in your kid’s bedroom, to give them privacy while studying. A bedroom is your private space, style it to make it functional for your hobbies and comforting for your leisure time. To give the room a lush touch add lamp in the room with a design that matches your theme. You can also place family portraits in the bedroom to give it a more personal feel.

Final Piece of Advice

Despite being divided by doors, there should be a sense of commonality in your entire home decor across all rooms. As much as the focus of home decor in India in on aesthetic beauty, it is also rational in its appeal. Casa Decor offers a wide range of items for home decoration in India that you can explore to design and decorate the dream home.

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